Today I took the short cut. Yesterday I found a low point in the wall opposite the Post Depot. The drop on the far side was still enough for me to think if it was such a good idea to take this route. I sat on the wall dropped my bag down and gave a quick glance up and down the road to make sure I wasnt being watched and slipped off the wall and hit the hard earth at the foot of the wall. The little path took me down the steep banking towards the railway bridge. The bridge itself had long since been out of use and many of its rusty beams and planks had fallen into the river below. The line took a gentle curve around the site and vanished between the towering factory that had once been the cement plant. From that point on I could literally follow my footsteps in the filter fine cement dust. It reminded me of that famous photograph of the astronauts footprint on the surface of the moon. I retrieved my drawing that I had hid the night before and laid it out on the floor of the factory, placing my camera bag at one end to stop it curling. I knelt down, to inspect yesterdays work, "lots to do, its a big sheet of paper, too big? No I have done it before, I just need time"