"The storm raged above as I crawled through the broken window and dropped into the room below. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I found myself in the mess hall of the barrack block. At the end of the room a mural of a lake with lush vegetation and at its centre a small serving hatch. On closer inspection I realised it led into the industrial sized kitchen. Finding no door I pushed my bag through the hatch and squeezed through and into the kitchen. I shone my torch into the blackness and could make out a large white sink with a shallow plastic shelf above it. On it sat a pink nail brush and a mouldy bar of soap. The dull yellow light of my torch glanced into the bottom of the sink and caught the remains of a faded envelope. My heart racing I carefully removed it and laid it on the dusty floor and opened it to find seven faded black and white photographs..."

Ian Cale, diary entry 30th May 2005